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We offer ready assembled solutions for a wide range of tasks.
  • Navigation complexes
  • Control systems
  • Analogue-to-digital units
  • Multifunctional indicators
  • High speed switches
  • Control switches
  • Power (secondary) sources
  • Test-bench and technological equipment
  • Solid state microwave devices
  • Radar stations
  • Transceiver units for radar stations
  • Digital signal processing units
  • Mechanical and hydraulic drives and control systems
  • Optical complexes and pattern recognition
  • Underwater robotic systems
  • Optic systems and pattern recognition
  • Power switching units
  • Navigation system units
  • Fine mechanics devices
  • Microprocessor control systems
  • Devices and units for liquid cooling, heating and thermal regulation of electronic equipment
  • Climatic units for cooling, heating and ventilation of rooms, buildings, structures
  • Ground power units for all types of aircrafts
  • Ground-based equipment for maintaining the desired climatic conditions inside the cockpits, compartments and cabins of aircraft
  • Hydraulic units for aircraft hydraulic systems monitoring
  • Thermoelectric Freon-free cooling units
  • UAV complexes and services